Coral Reef Monitoring & Preservation

reef The manager of the Recycling Center, Peter Reid and our Peace Corp volunteer Tami Wallis wrote a grant proposal to the Global Environmental Facility's (GEF) Small Grants Program (SGP). The project, Boosting Biodiversity in Negril's Coral Reef through Community Recycling and Environmental Education, was approved and implementation begun early in 2009. This project is being funded in the amount of USD$39,200 and is a collaboration with the Negril Chamber of Commerce, NCRPS, and NEPT. The project has seen the training of five fishermen who have are now PADI certified divers, coastal water testing and monitoring, cleaning of the coral reef system of garbage, the building and posting of forty three garbage receptacles which has been posted in several communities all over Negril and a wide ranging community education programme which targeted students at the primary level. The goal of the project was to eradicate plastic and recyclable waste from the community and redirect it to the recycling center whilst reducing pollution in the areas coastal, freshwater, and marine ecosystems.

Safe Roads Project

rods The Chamber in collaboration with the Road Safety Unit in the Ministry of Transport has attempted to put under control the number of fatalities due to speeding on the Norman Manley Boulevard. Consultations lead to the suggestion of various engineering solutions from Mr. Kenroy Hare the Manager of the Road Safety Unit. Among the suggestion is the implementation of rumble strips, raised medians, speed traps by police personnel and public education as to the proper use of our road networks. 
The Negril Chamber of Commerce in its bid to educate the community as to the proper use of the roads, held a Road Safety Forum at the Negril Tree House Conference where twenty five bike taxi operators and five taxi operators took part. The forum allowed participants to get important information, as well as, ask questions that would allow them to make better decisions when using the road network. 
In addition, through the actions of the Chamber, Negril was selected for a pilot project of the Ministry of Transport to install security cameras on the boulevard to monitor motorist behaviour in terms of speeding. The cameras where installed at the entrance of the Jungle Night Club, with two cameras pointing up and down the boulevard; these cameras are connected to a monitoring television which is collecting data. The cameras are able to monitor the speed of vehicles, licenses plates, the driver as well as other important information. This information will used by the Minister of Transport to make a case to the Government of Jamaica.

Turning Trash To Cash Project

002 The Negril Chamber of Commerce had successfully submitted a grant proposal to the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica with an emphasis to procure an extruder for the purpose of making plastic lumber and yam sticks. The proposal was approved to the tune of $3.5 million dollars, which will be used to purchase a 3.5“ Lesona Johnson Extruder, Adapter and connecting devices and four molds. The Recycling Center has over the years collected a vast amount of plastics which will be shredded and placed into the extruder, this machine will then melt and compact the plastic, which will then be extruded through a dye which will give its shape as plastic lumber or yam sticks. 
A feasibility study is now underway to project how much it would cost to make the lumber, market and deliver it to the desired market, as well as, the revenue streams that may accrue from production. Hardware and Lumber through a connection from Director Carl Barnett has show some interest in entering a contract where a right would be purchased to be the sole supplier of the product in Jamaica for a period of time, while infecting much need capital into making the project a reality, a proposal is now being drafted for this company.